3 Small Business Essentials to Give You an Edge in 2020

Looking to take your small business to new heights in 2020? Below we have listed our top trends to consider to help free up your time.

1.Real Time Bookkeeping

The balance in your bank account is not the real picture of how your business is doing. Simply put, bookkeeping enables you to have financial statements at your fingertips to paint a clear picture of how profitable you really are.  

For most small businesses, tax season is the most stressful time of the year because of the amount of time it takes to accumulate receipts to prepare your tax return. If you are organized before tax season your accountant can spend more time finding tax deductions and minimizing your tax expense. The best part, outsourcing your books with Upwrd costs much less than paying your accountant to do it, or even hiring an in house bookkeeper.

Upwrd leverages online accounting software allowing their clients to connect to their financial information real time. Our clients have all the tools they need in an easy to read format to help make important decisions and grow their business.

2. An Online Strategy

Let’s face it, in order to compete in today’s world of business you need an all encompassing digital strategy. Here are the important ones, along with some useful tips:

– An SEO optimized website with an “exciting” feel.
Tip: Find a designer that is as excited as you are about creating your website

– Plug your business into all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn etc.)
Tip: Create an action plan for your most common or engaging platform and produce native content that drives traffic to your website.

-Create consistent and original content.
Tip: Hire a blogwriter that produces articles weekly. Hire a digital manager to post regularly on your social media.

-Improve your brand image with client reviews and feedback
Tip: You worked really hard for your client, they will be more than happy to write you a nice review. All you have to do is ask!

3. Automate and Outsource Everything.

Focus on core business. The number one killer for productivity is redundant administrative tasks. There are a plethora of cost effective tools available that will enable your business to grow. You did not start your business to enter data during the most productive hours of the day, write up blogs, prepare a client proposal, or spend the whole day telemarketing.

Upwrd prides itself in using technology driven strategies to automate all of your redundant tasks. Talk to us today for a no obligation discussion and see how help grow your business.


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